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You'll get:

  • An "impulse spending prevention" tool
  • 7 tips to help you stay off the online shopping sites
  • A science-based 5-minute exercise to start your "money mindshift"
  • A simple budget system that works for anyone, no matter how you get paid
  • An invitation to the Balanced Budgeters Facebook group
  • A discount on the full Your Brain on Money course

Hi! I'm Sherrie St. Cyr and I love helping people make better money decisions AND make them stick.

Welcome! You're in the right place if you struggle with sticking to a budget even though you make "enough" money. You can make it work on paper, but then life happens and the end of the money comes before the end of the month.

I've been there. And it was pretty embarrassing because I've got a B.S. in Finance and Banking. It wasn't like I didn't know what to do. What happened to me happens to a lot of people. Our minds are wired in a way that leads us to make poor decisions about money if we aren't aware of what's happening. I was spending "unconsciously". 

Two things made a difference for me, so that I was able to get on track and stay there. First, I learned about the "money minefields" that our minds so happily lead us into. Second, I learned new, simple tools to manage my emotions. That may sound pretty complicated, and it can be.

But it doesn't have to be if you have a guide who can simplify the tough stuff and make it easier to understand. 

That's why I'm here! I also have a Masters in Social Work and years of experience helping people change by making it simple and providing powerful tools for them to work with.

Are you ready to do money differently? I'm ready to help.

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