The Best Uber Hacks

These are the best tips for using Uber. Ditch your keys and take confidence in the Uber network of drivers, knowing their tracking, car type, number plate, and photo before pick up.

9/30/20202 min read

person with cell phone waiting for uberperson with cell phone waiting for uber

Sign up with Uber in under 5 minutes

Get the Uber app on iOS and Android. The app is used to track your drivers, check prices and pay for rides without cash.

Sign up with Uber now and get 30% off Uber Reserve rides.

Schedule a ride with Uber Reserve

This feature was missing for a long time but is now available and call Uber Reserve. It is very convenient to schedule a ride to the airport or if you have the same morning commute every day.

Avoid bad Uber drivers

If you have encountered an Uber driver you don't want to ride with again, rate them 3 or fewer stars, and you won't be matched with them again.

Get credit for grievances

Suppose you don't have a satisfactory Uber ride (your ride was unsafe, your driver ditched the ride or weird billing). In that case, you can contact Uber support and complain. If the grievance is valid, they will likely give you a ride credit quickly.

Use Uber overseas when traveling

I have used the same account throughout the US, Australia, Asia, and South America. It is a must-have travel app. You get the local rates, and the app is self-explanatory with directions if you need to become more familiar with the local language. The app may vary slightly; for example, in South America, you may get the additional option to pay with cash.

Get credit card rewards and credits

The Chase Sapphire Preferred and many others classify Uber as travel rewards, so you can claim the high 2% or more rewards return. There are also often annual travel credits, and as Uber is a travel expense, you can get credits for even more Uber rides every year.

Check your Uber passenger rating

Your Uber Driver will see this rating whenever they decide whether or not to pick you up.

If your rating is low, that might explain why it's taking so long for you to find rides.

Tip your Uber driver

When you rate your driver at the end of the ride, you can tip the driver through the app. This is a thoughtful way to thank your driver and encourage better service. This is another feature that was missing for a long time, but it is now available.