How To Automatically Trade Bitcoin

Learn how to start auto trading bitcoin (BTC) and other crypto with technical analysis (TA) strategies and bot signals on Crypto Hopper 24/7. You will need and account on a crypto exchange such as for Crypto Hopper to make trades on your behalf. This is for advanced users.

9/1/20201 min read

Sign up with Crypto Hopper

This first step is to sign up and create a Crypto Hopper account. This will provide an easy to use web-based interface to manage trading strategies and bots.

Use my invite below and get a 30-day free trial.

Create a 'hopper' and link to an exchange

Log in to Crypto Hopper and your exchange such as I recommend an exchange such as due to high trade volume and low fees, the best environment for auto trading. Coinbase Advance is also great however the fees for trading are higher.

For each trading profile or 'hopper' you set up, you will need to add the public and private API key from your exchange account so that Crypto Hopper can make trades on your behalf.

In your exchange API settings ensure that 'withdrawals' are disabled for security.

You can create multiple 'hoppers' and manage them in the dashboard.

Set up your 'hopper' config

Select the base currency, usually US dollars or Bitcoin (BTC), and the trading coins. I recommend selecting trading coins that you are familiar with and that have a high volume of trading to help avoid getting caught in pumps and dumps.

The basic templates offered have example settings based on simple technical analysis (TA). However, these can be adjusted and are no guarantees. You need to learn your own settings to suit your risk profile and the current market conditions.

You can also subscribe to a signaler, which will tell your hopper to buy. Look at the historical trades made by the signal service and if they agree with what you are looking for. Also, keep in mind that some of these signal services can be for day or week-long trades.

Once these steps are complete, you'll be able to automatically trade crypto 24/7.

Start with very small increments, monitoring the trades, and adjusting the settings.

Set 'triggers' to trade only in an up-trending market. Pause any time during a down market trend.